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What is The Coolest Noise? It's book a about how to make the coolest noise.
 So, what is the coolest noise?

This book will show you how to figure that one out for yourself. 
Sound cool? 

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The Coolest Noise was conceived by a group of musicians/ illustrators/ gadget makers/ writers/ Dads/ non-Dads/ and one fisherman, totaling "2" people,

possibly less.  

All parties involved have spent their formative years playing music with other folks. Playing in bands is certainly the most fun thing we've ever done, but the things we've learned have applied to all areas of our lives. In sports, pie making, corporate America, renting a car, and dining decisions involving two or more people, we call that a

"win win".


The Coolest Noise demystifies the obstacles in front kids who want to play music.


We want the reader to see the things that can at first be a bit intimidating not as obstacles, but as tools to get you where they wanna go. We break down the elements into friendly, digestible steps on a path that will send the reader down an fun filled journey to playing music with others.

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